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It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Cyclades. It expands for 86,125 m2 and it has been one of the first Aegean islands that developed in the field of tourism, since the 1960s. It is known since the ancient times because of Delos, which is the birth-place of gods Apollo and Artemis. Delos is a small island located on the west side of Mykonos which is nowadays preserved as an archaeological site with daily visits.


Some of the most well-known beaches of Mykonos are:

St. Sostis (Agios Sostis)
A beach that even in our days has not been spoiled by tourism. Lava brown colours match the golden sand and because of its northern location it is always clean. Ideal for families and pets.

Next to St. Sostis, with the same conditions, ideal for windsurfing.

Very close to Mykonos town with frequent public transport. Ideal for family holidays.
With camping site available, it is located on the north side and remains a picturesque beach of an Cycladic island.

St. Anna (Agia Anna), Kalafatis
A beach which combines vacations and sports. There is a diving and windsurfing school here. The small peninsula on the distance is called Divounia ( two mountains) or “the breasts of Aphrodite”.

St. Stefanos
An ideal beach for cool escapes very close to the town. The tiny gulf promises total relaxation into its blue waters.

The most suitable beach for windsurfing. Unspoiled, still preserving the elements of virgin land. Known since the Archaic period because of Aias of Locros, hero of the Trojan War. Some Neolithic civilization remains are preserved here.

One of the most cosmopolitan beaches. Located just 8 Kim from the town with crystal-clear water where you will enjoy the facilities of a well-organized beach.

St. Ioannis
A beach with panoramic view to Delos island and availability of frequent public transport from and to town.

Paradise (Kalamopodi)
Another one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of the island. Here you can find the second and very well-organized camping sire. Famous for the parties that are held here, too.

Super Paradise (Mplintri)
The most popular beach to young tourists. Ideal for them as the parties that are were initially organized there in the 1950s, are still on. Also, a tourist attraction for VIPs.

Perhaps the most cosmopolitan beach of the island. It attracts several famous people from all around the world and the most glamour parties are held here. In addition, it provides a diving and water-sports school.

If someone wishes to escape publicity, then they should visit Fokos. Without public transport, the only way to come here is with your own vehicle. The view is extremely rewarding as is incomparable to the places you have visited so far.

Accordingly, a beach without public transport service, although there are several means of transport available on the island if you don’t have your own vehicle. Here, the picturesque scenery is combined with the blue Aegean Sea and the amazing tranquility rewards the visitors for the difficulty of their journey.

A small island, full of history. In the ancient times, at about 90 BC it was home to people from all around Greece. It is said to be the homeland of gods Apollo and Artemis. It is located exactly on the center of the Aegean Sea. Today, the island has no inhabitants and it is preserved as an archaeological site with daily transport by boat to and from Mykonos island. There are experienced guides that can make you travel back in time, thousands of year ago.

This island and Delos are called “Diles” by the local people. It is located very close to Mykonos and just a hint from Delos. There is no transport to this island, but if someone manages to get a lift there, they will never forget the exotic beaches.

Kalo Livadi



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