What to see in Mykonos 
Archaeological Museum 
The Archaeological Museum is located in Mykonos Town, near the harbour. It features a unique collection of sculptures, ceramics and jewellery that have been discovered in excavations in the islands of Mykonos, Delos and Rhenia. Some of these exhibits are dated to the Geometric Era and even go back to the 6th century BC. The Museum is famous for its well known collection of vases, with the outstanding one that depicts the Trojan horse and is dated back to the 17th century.
The Museum is open every day 8:30-15:00, except Monday.
Folklore Museum
The Folklore Museum is located in an old two-storey residence, near Castro area. It is worth a visit to admire the enormous collection of keys, hand-made clothing, embroidery, photographs and gravures, old furniture and tools.
It is open April-October, 4:30-8:30 pm, every day except Sunday.
Agricultural Museum, Boni’s windmill, Lena’s house
The Agricultural Museum is located in the area Ano Miloi. It features a vast collection of agricultural utensils and tools that have been used to produce agricultural goods, including a well and an oven. Boni’s Windmill is a fine specimen of a 16th century windmill and is preserved in excellent condition.
You can visit the sight every day, 4-8 pm.
Lena’s house is an authentic residence of the 19th century, located near Tria Pigathia area (this means Three Wells in Greek) in Mýkonos Town. The decorations and the furniture included are antiques.
It is open April-October, every day 6:30-9:30 pm, except Sunday.
Aegean Maritime Museum
It is located in the Town center, near the area Tria Pigathia and it is extremely interesting to those who are keen on the Nautical-Maritime tradition of the island. It features models of boats with oars and sailing ships and means of every kind since the pre-Minoan era up to the 19th century. There is also an exhibition of coins and gravures with maritime depictions.
It is open April-October, every day, 10:30-13:00 in the morning and 6:30-9:00 pm.
Petros (Peter) the pelican
The famous pelican came to Mykonos around 1954, after a severe storm and became a permanent resident. When he died, locals were in deep grief, so he was replaced immediately, creating a legend and a tradition for the island. To this day, Petros is the official mascot of Mykonos.
The Windmills
Since the 16th century the windmills have been a “trademark” of Mykonos. They are located in the south of Mykonos town and face the sea. They were constructed to utilise the aeolian/wind power of the island, which possesses a strategic location in the Aegean Sea. After the industrialization, the windmill usage has deteriorated so today, there are only seven left, that however, manage to stand proudly on the island.
Little Venice
It is located in the south of the island, next to the sea. This neighbourhood is famous for its unique houses whose balconies are hanging above the sea. It is also the idyllic place to enjoy the magnificent sunset.
Paraportiani church in accordance to the windmills is the second main attraction of Mýkonos. It is located in the entrance of the main port and it is one of the most famous architectural monuments. It actually includes 5 small churches, 4 of which are on the ground floor and the 5th and oldest one, is built on a higher level.
Municipal Library
It is located in the square, behind Saint Kiriaki's (Agia Kiriaki) church.on its shelves there are over 10,000 volumes of books and in addition, you can find an exceptional collection of gravures and photographs of the 18th and the 19th century.
In their entirety exceeds 1,500 all over the island. This vast number of churches in the town alone, is due to the vows that faithful people made and because they used to bury their dead ones inside the walls of the family's church.
The most well-known churches which are dated in the post Byzantine era and are famous for their architect are Zwothohos Pigi, Agia Kiriaki, Agios Nikolaos and Agia Eleni.
Tria Pigathia
The area in Chora of Mykonos where 3 wells are located, which were used for the water supply of the island until 1956.
Municipality Building
The Neoclassical two-storey building, that is home to the Municipal Authorities in our days, was built in 1780 , to serve as the Russian Consulate initially, and later, in the times of the Greek revolution against the Turks, as the Greek community's centre.
Monastery of Virgin Mary, in Tourliani
The monastery has been built on the place of an older church dedicated to Virgin Mary. The visitors are surprised by the architect of the complex, the imposing marble belfry, the Byzantine icons and every kind of sacred relics which are parts of a priceless collection.
The Monastery of Paleocastro
It is the most representative specimen of Cycladic architecture in monasteries. It is located in the north of Ano Mera village, in one of the most ancient areas of the island. While there, do not forget to pay a visit to Agios Vlassis’ church.
Delos island
Delos is a small island of high archaeological importance, located 2 Km away at the west of Mykonos. Access to it is very easy with small boats and daily tours are organized regularly. It isthmus most important site all over Greece, since accordingly mythology, it was the birthplace of two ancient gods, Apollo and Artemis. Inhabiting of the island is dated back to the 3rd century BC and its history goes deep back into time. It was declared independent in 314 BC, but it was again conquered by the Romans, who made it a very important port, fact that led to economic flourishing within the years that followed. The buildings and temples of the island were magnificent.
In 1873, the excavations began and in 1990, Delos was included to the Global Cultural Heritage, which is protected and preserved by UNESCO, because of its religious importance during its long  history.


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