Trio Bambini

Trio Bambini – Ice Cream, Waffle, Frozen Yoghurt

People from all walks-of-life can visit our store to enjoy top quality handmade products.

The hand made ice cream produce on site on a daily basis in a wide variety of  more than 100 flavors.

The basis of the handmade ice cream lives up to our philosophy – made from pure, Greek and traditional products.

The machinery used is the finest among the leading brands and are the most technologically advanced in the industry.

As Trio Bambini® has evolved, so has its menu. The shops serve a great range of Greek frozen yogurts, crepes, & waffles all made from scratch by our employees.

Recipes are the result of knowledge past down from generations using natural Greek ingredients.

The delicious crepes & waffles are prepared in front of customers quickly and efficiently to highlight the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

Now,  Trio Bambini shops await you to try out also  cold pressed juices, tasty smoothies, homemade traditional sandwiches, aromatic coffee, flavourful desserts & more.

In our shops we provide a unique fun & energetic atmosphere where customers can relax and enjoy themselves with a combination of take out & table service.

In Trio Bambini we provide high quality food, with fast speed of service, good value & excellent customer service.

The Trio Bambini Team

Explore our 3 Stores in Mykonos:

Store 1
1,Mitropoleos Str, Chora Mykonos – Greece
+30 2289078879

Store 2
11, Manto Square, Chora Mykonos – Greece
+30 2289077919

Store 3
Fabrica Food Mall, Fabrica Mykonos – Greece
+30 2289079370




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